The UberCloud Experiment for Digital Manufacturing

The UberCloud Experiment for Digital Manufacturing

The UberCloud HPC Experiment provides a platform to explore the possibilities of HPC Clouds without risk or investment. HPC experts guide participants through a 22-step process, working in collaboration with software and resource providers to jointly solve the end-user’s application in the cloud. Participants get hands-on access to the latest tools and expert help to solve a real-world technical objective and observe how HPC cloud computing can change their business… all for free.

Since July 2012, the UberCloud HPC Experiment has attracted over 1,000 organizations from 66 countries,  with teams collaborating in CFD, FEM/FEA, Life Sciences, and Big Data. New resources are being added regularly, including the UberCloud University and Virtual Exhibition, plus an Intel-sponsored compendium with 25 case studies. Organizations aiming to develop better products faster are invited to join the free UberCloud HPC Experiment and explore HPC as a Service.

Major milestones of the UberCloud Experiment in 2013:
  • The UberCloud website:
  • Virtual Exhibition: 
  • “Powerhouse” Sponsors: Autodesk, Bull, HP, IBM, Intel, and IDC
  • 124 experiment teams working on manufacturing applications
  • 1000 participating organizations from 65 countries
  • UberCloud University started with the first online lectures
  • UberCloud won the prestigious SC’13 HPCwire Readers Choice Award for the best HPC Cloud implementation

Case Studies


Paving the Way to Better Engineering Simulation

The UberCloud CAE Experiment is making high-performance computing (HPC) available as a service on demand for engineers doing simulation. Participants of the experiment are exploring the end-to-end process of using remote computing resources in HPC centers and in the cloud for their CAE; in the process, they’re learning how to resolve many of the common roadblocks.



Real-life Results with the UberCloud CAE Experiment

In July 2012, the open, voluntary and free UberCloud CAE Experiment got underway with the goal of provideing cloud alternatives for CAE among small and mid-sized manufacturing entities, or SMEs. This project recruited several teams that included high-performance computing (HPC) specialists, design engineers, and design and simulation software vendors. Desktop Engineering reported on this experiment (, as well as some of the projects that were using it in creating new designs.


Uber-Cloud Experiment Provides Insight into Computing-as-a-Service

End users can achieve many benefits by gaining access to additional compute resources beyond their current internal resources. Arguably the most important are agility gained by speeding up product design cycles through shorter simulation run times, and superior quality achieved by simulating more sophisticated geometries or physics, or by running many more iterations to look for the best product design.


Exploring Computational Biology as a Service: UberCloud Round Three

The UberCloud CompBio Experiment explores the end-to-end process of accessing and using remote computing resources as a service, and learning how to resolve the many roadblocks. The experiment launches its third round on April 1, and the call is open now for participants.

If you would like more information about being part of a UberCloud experiment, please contact:

Danielle Jones
(734) 995-0496